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-------- July 2019


Source: Tech Gadgets | posted by Lars Nystuen
Innovative Gadget for Backing Up ALL Your Photos & Videos, With Just ONE Click. The Idea Is Genius...  (no tech skills required)TheMenuStick.png

How To Use, Only 2 steps:
1. Plug it in your computer.
2. Click "GO"... and let the app do its magic – done.
"If you save thousands of photos & videos on computer, you need this little gadget!"
But what about keeping my files in the Cloud? That’s safe and easy, right?
You’d be surprised. Many people are quick to acknowledge that their photos are “stored in the Cloud”, but can’t tell you exactly where those private memories are being held –– or who else might have access to them.
I could just organizes & back up all my photos & videos myself!
It could take you HOURS to go through and find every single file that you have on your computer.
It's also extremely tedious to search and find duplicates - opening video files to compare footage, going through similarly-named images, etc. This alone can take your hours!
How Does it Work? All you do is…


Works for both Windows & Mac. Unlike ordinary thumb drives or bulky external drives, ThePhotoStick starts backing up and organizing all your photos & videos from the second you click “GO”, it will do all the work for you automatically.

It instantly scans your computer, searches through every file and folder for your photos and videos, and automatically downloads and backs up all your photos and videos.
PLUS, it identifies duplicates and automatically saves a single version – maximizing storage space!found.jpg

What if I have more than one computer with a lot of photos and videos?

No problem, it works with multiple computers. It organizes photos and videos for each computer by the you gave it.
Watch this short video to see how it works…
ThePhotoStick - Ease of Use

 You can buy it from the official website. But, according to reviews on Amazon their after sales support is non-existent, and there is a very high failure rate as you can see here49%.png

 As one Amazon reviewer says - buy this from Amazon rather than directly from the seller!

ThePhotoStick 128 -- Easy, One Click Photo and Video Backup, 128GB US$79.99 - Quantity: 1, shipping extra.
In Stock. Sold by: PrairieIT
The Amazon price (from the seller) is about US$20 less.

The official Website only shows UK prices and that it is available In 3 Sizes:

 ThePhotoStick 8GB

 was £39.05 £27.33  Save 30%

8 GB of Storage Save 3,500 photos & videos!
Get 50% off each additional ThePhotoStick!

ThePhotoStick 64GB

 was £62.48 £39.05  Save 37% 64 GB of Storage

Save 30,000 photos & videos!
Get 50% off each additional ThePhotoStick!

ThePhotoStick 128GB

 was £124.98 £62.48 Save 50%

128 GB of Storage
Save 60,000 photos & videos!
Get 50% off each additional ThePhotoStick!

July 22 2019 their online chat help (US) quoted
128GB is NZ$118.27, and shipping to NZ is NZ$11.81.

 ThePhotoStick mobile versions are £50.77 each:

 32GB Android PhotoStick Micro-USB and USB-C Compatible

32GB iPhone PhotoStick All iOS Devices with Lightning Portplugitin.jpg

 Thinking of buying? My suggestion is: it's a risky purchase!

For a hopefully better risk factor, very likely some Chinese factory will eventually provide a cheaper knock-off… (as long as they improve the software!)

  --------------- June 2019

 Android Camera Trick - Get to your camera in a flash

Two or three seconds can make a huge difference between a great shot and a miss, can’t it?
So here’s a quick tip you probably don’t know. Double-tap your phone power button to instantly open the camera, whether your display is on or not.
This works on many popular Android phones
· Samsung Galaxy (pre-2017 models, use the physical Home button instead of the power button)
· Many HTC's recent phones
· Google Pixel
· LG phones have this shortcut as the volume-down button
· Motorola uses a double twist motion


Finding That Photo!!! Smartphone Camera Tip
How many photos do you have on your phone? Your computer? Probably in the thousands. How can you find that certain one more easily than scrolling, scrolling, scrolling?
If your smartphone location setting isn’t turned on, do turn it on now (it’s in the camera app). This allows the camera to pinpoint exactly where you’ve taken the photo. Why is this useful?
1. You can search your photos by location. Just type the location into your smartphone image gallery search bar. If you’ve uploaded them to your computer, click on the photo in your photo app.
2. View your photos on a map. Click details while looking at a photo (that had location on). Click on Details. Click the location and it will appear on a map along with the other photos you’ve taken at that location.


Smartphone Camera Tip
I have a Samsung Galaxy 8. Yesterday, with the camera on, I accidently swiped right. Low and behold the different camera options appeared (hyper lapse, slow motion, panorama, etc). What did I do? I swiped left next. Ahhh. The editing options appeared. Swiped up and it changed to Selfie Mode. Swiped down and returned to rear camera. On your smartphones, you’ll have the left and right swipe features at the very least. Go on – try it!!!!

Talking About Smartphones – Must Do Holiday Smartphone Travel Tips

These top two smartphone travel tips are easy and dramatically wonderful. Next time you're thinking of a holiday of course you take holiday photos.
How about photos you wish came out better? Here you can see the difference just some small adjustments can make 

First tip. Turn on your phone’s location settings.

This will tag to the exact location each photo you take. Then when you try to find that needle in the haystack of your 1000+ photos you took – all you have to do is in the search start typing in the location (for example Nuku’alofa or Westport and your phone will bring up all the photos. Even better, if you click on the photo information (normally three dots or in the latest Samsung flick up on your photo) it will show you the photos on a map. Expand the map and you’ll get more photos in different locations. By the way – you’ll need to be connected to the internet for the Google map itself to download).

Where to find location settings?
It will be different for each phone and probably each version of phone software but in general:
Iphone: Privacy>Location settings (enable) then scroll down to the camera and enable.
Samsung: In your Camera, select Settings (the gear>Location Tags.
Android: >Settings>Google>Location

Second Tip – Saturation.
You can turn a dull sunset into a brilliant one by enhancing the saturation (colour). Of course there are other settings. Contrast. Brightness. But saturation should be your first stop.
• iPhone> Photo App > Edit (or)
• 3 lines> Dial> Colour > 3 lines>Saturation
Samsung Galaxy
• Photo App > Edit >3 lines> Dial> Colour > 3 lines>Saturation

Smartphone Tip

Use your sunglasses (upside down) to lean your smartphone on when watching something widescreen.


Turn Your Phone Into A Magnifying Glass
Have trouble reading tiny text? Here are two helpful hints.
1. For any phone - take a photo and then of course zoom in on it.
2. If you have an iPhone, there's a handy magnifier feature you might not know about.
Tap Settings > General > Accessibility > Magnifier > turn on the Magnifier switch >Triple-click the Home button and aim your iPhone's camera lens. Use the slider control to boost or reduce the magnification.
Tap the flash button for some extra light (and of course you can take a snapshot) When done, press the Home button to exit.


YouTube Video Watching Trick
When watching YouTube videos on your phone in full screen mode; double tap the left to rewind 10 seconds. Double tap the right to fast forward 10 seconds. Tap multiple times for longer periods.


Best Smartphone Tip Ever
It is unbelievable how much that little device in your hand can do. I think we use only 1% of our smartphone functions and features. I’ve got a new phone and the first thing I always do – and the base for this tip (no matter if you have a new phone or one you’ve had for years – you’ll learn heaps) is to:
1. Go to YouTube.
2. Type the name of your phone and 50 tips.
3. Select the most recent one with the most tips.
4. Watch with your phone in hand; stopping the video to try out the tips you like.
You’ll be amazed at how much you learn by seeing and implementing. The one I’m watching now (over a period of a few days) is 150 Galaxy S8 tips

Android Smartphone Tip - Two Finger Downward Swipe

Do you wish there were a faster way to switch your Android phone to airplane mode? To toggle Bluetooth on and off? To crank up your screen brightness, or tweak your Wi-Fi settings?

The answer lies in your “Quick Settings” button in the top-right corner of the display.
A fast way to your Quick Settings (skipping the Notifications window) is to swipe down from the top of the screen with two fingers rather than just one.
Once in Quick Settings, you’ll see a series of jumbo-sized buttons that’ll give you one-tap access to some of the most important settings on your Android phone.


Stunning Smartphone Trick
Did you know you can create keyboard shortcuts? By this I mean tapping in an acronym and having it replaced with a longer series of text? I.E. you save lots of time typing. The iPhone comes with omw built in for on my way. You can use if for bank acct. numbers, phrases, addresses, etc. My brilliant daughter Samantha suggested using it instead of repeatedly typing in long streams of hashtags when posting to Instagram. Brilliant!!!!
· iPhone: Settings > General > Keyboard > Text Replacement
· Samsung Galaxy Note >Settings >Language & Input > Samsung Keyboard > Hot Keys
· Android > Settings > Language & Input >Personal dictionary. Select a language or choose the “For all languages” option. (Note: the exact settings may differ depending on the make and model of your Android phone.). Tap the “+” sign in the top-right corner of the screen.


Your Smartphone Photo Gallery
You might not know that you can view your photos or albums in two or three sizes depending on the make of your phone. Simply use your two fingers to expand or contract your photos to preview them in the gallery as large or small.

---------------  By Debbie Mayo-Smith