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Clever Gmail Idea: Use Aliases To Sort Email
Bet you didn’t know you had freedom to create different email addresses using your own in Gmail? Use this to help sort your email.
You add the"extra" bit after your username and before the My address is So I can use if I wanted to mark some emails as personal.
Another example, "" is the same as sending a message to "" or

It takes Gmail about 3 seconds to mark an email as unread when you click on it. You can right click it and change it to unread. But what if you want to grab a swathe of emails to mark as read? You can. Go to Settings>Labs> select the Mark as Read Button to add onto your Gmail Inbox. It will appear on top with all the other action buttons.

Gmail Tip - Colour Your Labels
You probably are using Labels in Gmail - which act as folders. You can create one by clicking the email you're in and selecting the Label Tab on the menu. You might not know that you can color the labels - which flows through to the emails themselves. Simply click the little square box at the end of the label in the Inbox navigation pane on the left. A list of colours will appear that you can select from
Here's another great tip. Drag and Drop an email into a label and it will move it from the Inbox and only be shown under that. Conversly, drag a label from your navigation pane over an email - and it will label that email.

Gmail Tip - Tasks
You can create a task from an email. From Gmail's More Actions menu, click Add To Tasks. If you have keyboard shortcuts enabled, you can use Shift+t instead.

Gmail - Show Your Calendar in Gmail
One of the pains of Google products is they are separate entities. For example you have to leave Gmail (going to a new tab) to look at your Google Calendar. Or so you thought!
If you go to settings >Labs (and enable Labs) one of the options is to show your calendar at the bottom of the left column in your Gmail.

Gmail Has Drag & Drop Too!!!
Want to apply a label to an email? Drag it over the email and drop.
Want to move emails from the default Inbox label to ones you've set up? Select the email and drag/drop into the label. It will then apply that label and re3move it from showing in your default Inbox

Tasks / To Do 
Create A Task List Inside Gmail
Love to-do lists? Stay organized by creating a task list right inside Gmail.
From your main Gmail window, in the upper-left corner, click on the drop down arrow next to Mail and click Tasks.  Just click the + icon to create a new task. You can also set a due date, check off complete tasks, and email yourself a copy of the task list.

Want to save a lot of time working in Gmail? Deeply hidden in their Help is the Ninja section with Tips. I got this from the black belt section.
Gmail Keyboard Shortcuts (you have to enable shortcuts)
#                   Delete
R                  Reply
O                  Open
N (J)             Next email (Next Conversation)
P (K)             Prior email (Prior Conversation)
Tab + Enter   Send

Conditional Formatting.
This is a hidden feature where you can set a condition to look for items (such as email address, word, subject line). Then specify the colour, font, size of font and bold or italics for the email to automatically change into when the condition is met. For example, I have every email that arrives with the word training in it turning green, bold, and with a larger typeface than the others.

Outlook 2010-2019 View Ribbon>View Settings> select Conditional Formatting. A window opens and you have three steps-
1. Give it a name.
2. State the condition you want met.
3. Select your font, colour, size.
Even better, when you est this one up, it will work retroactively on emails already in your inbox!!!

Calendar & Tasks - If you would like to use conditional formatting on these items, the result and the action steps are the same for email. You simply have to complete the steps for each of the Outlook programs (it doesn’t move across)  

Gmail: needs three steps to accomplish Conditional Formatting (and they’re a bit advanced) - see image below
1. Create a label (the equivalent of folders) from the top navigation bar across Gmail
2. Click the three dots on the label and assign it a colour
3. Create a filter that sets the condition to look for in an email to apply to the label. When the new email arrives it will have the label name and colour preceding the subject line.Gm Fmat.jpg

Outlook Email Marked As Read Too Soon?
You hover over the email and it unbolds. But you want it to stand out to come back to later. Why not change the settings so the unbolding takes longer to occur?

In Outlook 2010 - 2016 You can change the number of seconds here: File>Options>Advanced>Outlook Panes>Reading Pane. You click the Mark items as read when viewed in the Reading Pane. Then fill in the number of seconds you want it to wait before marking item as read. It's as simple as that.

Two Good Inbox Management Tips
1. Set a rule putting a 10 minute time lag on actually sending your emails after you hit the send button. This is your rethink time in case there's ever changes that need to be made.
2. Receive an email you need to follow up on in the future? Drag and Drop that email into your Task Folder (Outlook only). It will open a new Task with the original email in the text field. Then you can set a date when you want to be reminded in the future to follow up.

VOICE! Have Your Emails & Word Doc’s Read to You
Outlook 2016 What do you think of the new big, dumbed down icons? I’m not a fan.
One thing was new though. The addition of the Large A - Read Aloud (speech menu) in the ribbon.
Have you tried it? Perhaps useful if you want to multitask like cleaning your desk, petting the dogs, making school and work lunches for the next day while your computer reads your emails or your Word documents to you (ever so slowly though).
Outlook: Home Ribbon > Speech menu > Read Aloud
Word: You’ll find Read Aloud in the Review Ribbon

When Delete Means Delete
More often than not, your deleted folder will have thousands of emails in it. I’ve seen some with over 20,000 emails!!! For some, the answer is simple. Deleted does not mean deleted, it means hold it here in case I might ever need it again. Or it could be the I’m afraid to permanently delete folder.
If you find you have a huge storehouse of email in your deleted items folder but don’t want them – a simple click is all it takes to permanently delete all items in your Outlook folder when you close the program.
Turn it on now: Outlook:File > Options > Advanced > Outlook Start and Exit > tick the box Empty Deleted Items folder when exiting Outlook.

Fantastic (Hidden) Outlook Tip – Colour Your Emails
Conditional Formatting!!!! A game changer and completely hidden. You can set rules (conditions) that will automatically colour any of the items in your Outlook program: Email, Contacts, Calendar and Tasks. You set the condition (word; email address; from or to plus there’s more advanced choices) and select the font, colour and size for it to change to. For example I have emails that contain the word training automatically turn green, Air NZ flights are navy blue in my calendar and anything that says speaking engagement is red.

You’ll find Conditional Formatting in Outlook in the View Menu > Change View >Conditional Formatting.View Setting.jpg


Two tips to help you battle email overload and monitor the problem.
1. Set a two-step rule up to automatically respond to email website enquires. Send an automatic response, then move the email to a folder to be personally answered at a less busy time. You can add another step by automating a copy of the incoming web enquiry to go to a manager to initiate a monitoring system.

2. If you send an important email, blind carbon copy yourself. Drag & drop your copy into Tasks and set a date. When the Task pops up, you'll remember if you've received a response. If not, drag & drop the Task back into your inbox (it will turn it into an email again). Erase the Task notations and put this in the subject line before you send.
You haven't answered my email.
This works EVERY time. You'll normally have a response within an hour

Change Subject Line
If you want to keep an email in your Outlook for a while, you can change the subject line if you like to find it more easily.
Simply open the email, type in the new subject line and save. That's it!

Inbox tip
Here's a great tip. You can export any Folder you have in Outlook. The only down side is that the contents are saved as one long text file.
There's a wizard that simply walks you through it.
Select File> Export to a file> Select TAB separated values Windows >select where you want it saved and which folder to export then voila! There are all those emails merged into one with all content saved (even the To and Subject line).